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2013 B-Spec Season at Mission Raceway park with SCCBC

This website is dedicated to the 2013 B-Spec class racing season at Mission Raceway, BC, Canada, it will remain as-is and will not be updated until further notice.

2014 season in Mission was small for B-Spec, some of the competitors decided not to participate, some moved over to another class, and some went on to participate in the Pirelli World Challenge in the Touring Car B-Spec (TCB) class.


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"Summer's End" weekend. Sept 14-15, 2013

The last weekend of the 2013 season at Mission Raceway Park was very lively indeed. A lot of racers showed up hoping to get their speed fix to carry them through the winter.

The B-Spec battle was a close one, with Andrei Kisel #55 Mini Cooper managing to get the leading position in qualifying over Carlos Tesler-Mabe #08 Honda Fit by a hair-splitting 108/1000 of a second!


Lisa Chen #20 Ford Fiesta was battling Norm Berard #76 Honda Fit, at some point rounding the curves on only two wheels:


This weekend was also marked by Ronin RC Freehold showing up with their crew of UAV enthusiasts, invited by SCCBC member Dino Milacic, they provided several spectacular fly-bys through out the day; their video was included in the race coverage of the weekend:


Saturday Sept 14, 2013, Closed Wheel 1, Race 1 - Mission Raceway - with AERIAL FOOTAGE:


Sun, September 15, 2013. - Closed Wheel 1 Race #2 - Mission Raceway - with AERIAL FOOTAGE:






"Summer Sizzler" weekend. Aug 3-4, 2013

The summer was indeed sizzling for the wekened of August 3-4. So many cars showed up.
Traffic jam in the pit lane:


Below is the video of the BSpec race that took place on Aug 04, 2013:

B-spec battle for class position is featured in this episode.
Car number #55 Mini Cooper driven by Andrei Kisel against an attacking #16 Mazda 2 driven by Cherri Storms.




Some great shots by Brent Martin:

#55 - Andrei Kisel, BSpec Mini:


#16 - Cherri Storms, BSpec Mazda 2:

#20 - Lisa Chen, BSpec Ford Fiesta:





"Summer fun" weekend. July 13-14, 2013

July 13-14 racing weekend was hot, super hot. The sun stayed high and no significant cloud coverage ensured that shade was hard to find. Racing cars do warm up quite a bit, and typically don't have air-conditioning, so it's best to keep cool as much as possible, umbrellas all around!



The Bspec races were quite exciting; the field was full and traffic was tight. As per now usual, #55 Mini Cooper was in a tight battle for the first place against #16 Mazda2.



Unfortunately for Andrei Kisel, the left front racing shock-absorber endured too much shock from the extreme competition. It snapped where no shock-absorber should snap, but still performed enought to let #55 Mini finish the race.




"I thought my tire went flat, so I slowed down to feel it out, it seemed OK, so I just sped back up" - Andrei Kisel


The next day Mini underwent a quick surgery and finished the weekend with the shock-absorber it was born with. That provided a somewhat slower, but significantly smoother ride. Which is great for any setting, except for the race track.



This was the first weekend of the year that the car #20 Ford Fiesta made it's appearance. Piloted by Lisa Chen it was a worthy contribution to the fun atmosphere of racing and kept it's pace on the track.







Norm Berrard with car #76 Honda Fit made his exclusive if not too rare appearance. He made a good sparing partner for Lisa Chen as they battled against each other for the entire weekend.






This was one of the funnest weekends of all summer, check it out for yourself in the videos below:


CW1 Race1, July 13, 2013, Mission Raceway Road Course:



CW1 Race 2, July 14, 2013, Mission Raceway Road Racing:



"Late Spring Fling" weekend. June 8-9, 2013

Bspec miniRacing weekend of June 8-9 turned out to be a dry one and the sun was peeking through the clouds through out most of the event. Unfortunately for Bspec class only two cars made it to the track this weekened and the battle became personal between #16 Mazda2 with Cherie Storms behind the wheel and #55 Mini Cooper driven by Andrei Kisel.









No matter the number of cars, if there's two - they can race. Both races were extremely tight. The race weekend turned out great and you can see the races for yourself in the videos below:





Sat, June 8, 2013. Closed Wheel cars Group 1 race #1. B-Spec Feature:




Sun, June 9, 2013. Closed Wheel cars Group 1 race #2. B-Spec Feature:






"A lap ahead" weekend. Apr 13-14, 2013

The first Bspec race of 2013 at Mission Raceway happened on a rainy April's weekend. It stayed wet thoughout the entire event, which in itself is not too bad for the nimble Bspec cars. Drivers were anxious to try out their new builds, their crew was just getting into the hectic schedule of a pit worker, and the officials and onlookers were skipping from one Bspec car to the next, curiously examining the not-so-usual cars for this track.


Four Bspec race vehicles were present to prove their worth on the road course. Two Honda Fits stood side by side in anticipation of the race. Their drivers, Carlos and Norm were excitedly chatting with the crew about what to expect of their funky beasts, and the atmosphere of excitement, friendship and sharing hanged thick in the air; just like with most Car Club Racing events.


There was also a new entrant into Bspec this year: #55 Mini Cooper piloted by Andrei Kisel, the car was newly built and attracted lots of attention.









Mini #55 was built by Nixon Prosports, see the timelapse video of the conversion:



And yes, video footage of both races available as well.

Sat, April 13, 2013. Closed Wheel cars Group 1 race #1. B-Spec Feature:


Sun, April 14, 2013. Closed Wheel cars Group 1 race #2. B-Spec Feature:





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55 Mini Cooper

B-spec conversion was done by Nixon Prosports

Parts required to meet class eligibility bought from Mini of Charleston

Racing seat, fire suppression system, steering wheel and nets came from Drivers Edge

Car graphics by HiWire Creative


Watch time-lapse of the build >

76 Honda Fit
Honda 76

B-Spec conversion by Nixon Prosports

16 Mazda 2
Mazda 16
20 Ford Fiesta
Ford 20
08 Honda Fit
Honda 08