Class of closed wheel racing cars eligible to compete at road racing events in Canada and USA

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Organizes road racing events in BC since 1951. Events sanctioned by CACC

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Regulates motorsport competition in British Columbia, CA under ASN Canada FIA affiliation


Regulates motorsport competition in Canada under FIA affiliation


Regulates motorsport competition worldwide


B-Spec Fiat 500 Specifications

None turbo
2012 - up
Wheels / Tires: 
15 x 7, minimum 13 lbs / Unrestricted brand, maximum tire size 205-50-15
99 hp @ 6000 rpm
97 lb-ft @ 4250 Rpm
2280 Lbs
OEM suspension or the upgraded manufacturers suspension kit in its entirety with no modification.
Standard FIat 500 brake system, any brake pad or lining, upgraded stainless steel brake lines
Safety Equipment: 
Racing roll cage, fire suppression system, racing seat with 5 point safety harness, window net, aftermarket steering wheels allowed, electrical master switch allowed.
Suspension Kit: 
Fiat suspension kit P5154820, Front main spring P5154821, Front damper assy with top mount P5154822, Rear main spring P5154823, Rear damper assy P5154824, Rear coil spring adapt kit P5154825
Modification kit: 
Header kit (cat delete) P5154829 allowed. Cold air intake allowed. Adjustable sway bar end links may be used


Information provided on this page is from SCCA Club Racing Rule book and may be not up to date. Please make sure to consult the rule book at SCCA website in Cars and Rules section - it is updated monthly:

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